The Missions, Church & Society Committee of Big Beaver United Methodist Church is a clearinghouse for BBUMC’s community charitable outreach and volunteer initiatives. The Committee plays a vital role in coordinating BBUMC’s charitable giving and mission support efforts at the local, national and international levels. In addition to providing much needed financial support to individuals and worthy organizations, the Committee plays an important role in mobilizing the human capital of BBUMC necessary to achieve the United Methodist Church’s missionary objectives both here and abroad.  The Committee is constantly in need of volunteers to support our many projects and initiatives.  As such the opportunities for individual participation are boundless. For more information on how you can provide much needed support and assistance, please refer to the

How You Can Help section of this website.


The Committee supports a variety of local initiatives by providing financial resources, goods, services and volunteer resources to numerous internal and external constituencies. The Committee plays a pivotal role in recruiting volunteers for a range of projects that may only require a limited time commitment or other initiatives that might involve recurring service or a more long-term commitment. 

For example, volunteer and other resources have been provided to support:

 CWS-Troy Area Crop Walk (facilities/grounds use)

                  Cass Community Social Services (facilities use)

Hands 4Detroit

 Troy People Concerned (provision of non-perishable foods)

      South Oakland Shelter (provision of meals)

 Social Justice Symposia on Diversity and Inclusion, Climate Change and Other Topics

Loom Sleeping Mat Production Mission

Change the World Day at BBUMC


On the local front, direct and indirect financial support has been provided to the following:

Baldwin Center

Cass Community Social Services

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

Troy People Concerned

Camp Scholarships (United Methodist Men)


At the national level, the Committee organizes a week-long mission to areas of need or devastation in the United States. Past missions have included deploying volunteers to Slidell, Louisiana to help with rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; dispatching volunteers to Henderson Settlement in Kentucky to lend assistance to residents of one the most economically challenged communities in America; and fielding a team to undertake needed work at the Midwest Missions Distribution Center in Chatham, Illinois. A 2025 mission is planned for the Midwest Missions Distribution Center in Missouri where volunteers will engage in a number of tasks including: assembling health, school, sewing and healthy birth kits; making furniture; repairing bicycles; loading and unloading supplies and equipment; and performing construction and maintenance duties. In addition to the deployment of human capital, the Committee provides direct financial support to the Campus Crusade for Christ, the Starfish Kids and various other ministries. BBUMC has long promoted special giving opportunities through designated Sunday collections which raise funds to support communities in need, disaster relief and refugee resettlement under the auspices of Human Relations Day, UMCOR Sunday, Native American Ministries Day, Peace with Justice Sunday, World Refugee Day, World Communion Sunday and United Methodist Student Day.


For several years beginning in 2008, the Committed has sponsored volunteer missions to Haiti to support building projects and children's education through the Starfish Kids initiative.  Missionary support has also been provided in Southeast Asia.


Change the World Days - On several occasions throughout the year, BBUMC joins United Methodists from across the country to participate in Change

the World projects that benefit the community as well as offer an opportunity for fellowship.  Annually, in May, at BBUMC our flagship Change the World Day starts with a brief worship service followed by mission activities where everyone is encouraged to participate in activities designed for all ages, interests and abilities.

Eastside Ministries - Thrice yearly, guests from Cass Community Social Services are invited to a luncheon hosted by BBUMC.  At Christmas time, BBUMC provides gifts consisting of cold weather apparel (socks, warm tops, hats, scarves, gloves and, of course, a holiday treat) to Cass Community Social Services for distribution at their annual holiday party.


Lighthouse of Oakland County - BBUMC supports Lighthouse children and families through a Noisy Collection during designated Sunday services.


Red Cross Blood DriveBBUMC hosts a Red Cross Blood Drive four times a year.  Many members of the congregation take advantage of the convenience of donating blood right in the church.  The blood drive is always open to the public.


Senior Home Assistance Repair Program (“SHARP”) - This program, which provides free home repairs to senior and disabled residents of Troy, was originally started at BBUMC, and has now expanded to four cities.  BBUMC continues to provide financial and volunteer support.



                                                        There are many ways to volunteer. You are encouraged to join us on one of our week-long National or International Mission trips.  If a week-long trip is not practical for you, we offer various Local Mission projects of shorter duration. You can also serve by joining the Committee or by assisting with the planning and implementation of our mission projects and fundraisers.

Financial Support

                                                While we realize that it isn’t always possible to find the time to volunteer for one of our mission projects, you can still offer much needed help through your generous financial support. The Committee organizes several fundraisers each year and your contributions are welcomed. We also accept financial donations at any time.  Please make your check payable to BBUMC with a notation in the memo line designating your contribution as a “Mission Church & Society Committee Donation”.

Non-Perishable Food Items

                                                     Throughout the year, the Committee collects non-perishable items (food, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.) for local families in need. Food baskets (or gift cards in lieu thereof) are assembled each year for several local families through Troy People Concerned for Easter and Thanksgiving.  Non-perishable food items are also collected throughout the year for distribution through a local food bank.